Noticeably less consumption

In addition, there are further savings effects with the same engine power and speed, for example by reducing additional injection processes. Individual adaptation to both the driving behavior and the range of uses of the vehicle is possible – those who mainly drive long distances call up the engine output differently than someone who mainly drives short distances.

This is particularly important in the commercial vehicle sector. With eco-tuning for trucks and articulated lorries, specific requirements can be taken into account, such as the type of load that is predominantly transported, full or partial load operation, or types of roads and terrains. Another aspect is the optimized pulling behavior, which makes overtaking, for example, faster and safer.


Economical and gentle on the move

In view of the steadily rising fuel prices, a reduction in consumption for both private cars and company vehicles makes more than sense. Adapting your own driving style is a great way to reduce fuel consumption. Additional savings can be achieved through eco-tuning. The focus here is not on increasing engine output, but on reducing consumption, which ideally also goes hand in hand with reduced emissions.

This is made possible through targeted interventions in the engine electronics in order to improve the performance characteristics of the vehicle. Modern gasoline and diesel engines with turbocharging are particularly suitable for this. The adjustment as part of the eco-tuning then gives you more torque. This enables driving in the low-speed range.


Less pollutants despite increased performance

In practice, eco-tuning results in reduced CO2 and NOx emissions, and the engine is also spared by operating it in lower temperature ranges. No modifications to the vehicle are required, the tuning measures are carried out by importing new software into the vehicle control system.

Popovac Performance develops and updates the software for the engine electronics. To do this, Popovac Performance reads the original values ​​of all relevant key data such as injection quantities, rail pressure or exhaust gas values ​​and analyzes where there is potential for optimization. Thanks to its many years of experience in this area, Popovac Performance has the know-how to specifically adapt the software of numerous vehicle manufacturers. Installation partners throughout Germany are responsible for implementing the tuning measures. It is also used to adapt the tuning software when a manufacturer updates the vehicle software, for example as part of the workshop service.

For all vehicle models and engine types for which Popovac Performance offers eco-tuning, TÜV reports and a general operating permit (ABE) are available. For the vehicle owner, the administrative effort associated with the tuning measure is therefore limited: During implementation, the vehicle software is read out and the chassis number encoded in it is transferred to the test report required for the operating license. The owner then only has to present this test report to the approval body.