Engine Optimization


Marine Tuning develops software for yachts. Due to its many years of experience, Marine Tuning can offer optimization for almost all yachts.



In contrast to “classic” chip tuning, it is no longer necessary to replace parts of the engine electronics. Instead, new software is simply imported via the OBD-II interface.

Engine Types


In practice, eco-tuning results in reduced CO2 and NOx emissions, and the engine is protected by operating it in lower temperature ranges.



Popovac Performance develops and updates the software for engine optimization. To do this, we read out the original values of all relevant key data such as injection quantities, rail pressure or exhaust gas values and analyze where there is optimization potential.

Engine Optimization


Modern car turbo engines in particular offer considerable reserves in terms of performance and consumption. A performance increase of up to 30% is not a problem in many cases.

Engine Types


More throughput on the mountain, more hectares per hour and less fuel per hectare: with consumption optimization and performance optimization, your agricultural vehicles can be used much more efficiently.



By optimizing the engine, it is possible to reduce consumption by up to 15% for trucks, tractor units and buses. Increased torque not only has a positive effect on driving uphill and overtaking, which can be completed in a shorter time and with fewer gear changes.